King Magazine

Feature: A Guide to Surviving the Recession

Black Enterprise

Fashion & Business: Profile of Designer Nate Willis
Health & Business: Decoding 7 Celebs Who Saw Their Brand Grow After Significant Weight Loss 
Sports & Business: Decoding Mike Tyson's Squandered Fortune
Tech & Business: Decoding Apple's Biggest Product Launches
Entertainment & Business: Decoding Samuel L. Jackson's Film Career
Entertainment & Business: Decoding George Lucas' Impact on Hollywood
Health: An Exploration of Kidney Disease in Black Men

Essence Magazine

Celebrity/Entertainment: Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

Uptown Magazine

Profile of Jazz Pianist Robert Glasper

Upscale Magazine

Feature: The State of HBCUs
Feature: The Secret Lives of Swingers
Feature: How to Spice Things up in the Sack
Feature: Tech & Gadgets
Feature: A Modern Family Living Situation
Feature: A Roundup of Twenty Film & Television Stars
Entertainment: Tribeca Film Festival 2013

Nelson Mandela Tribute
Whitney Houston Tribute
Maya Angelou Tribute

Money/Finance Feature: Breaking the Chains of Debt
Money/Finance Feature: Eco-friendly Tips on How to Save Cash Around the House
Money/Finance Feature: How to Survive a Pay Cut
Money/Finance Feature: How to Save Some Cash
Business Feature: Fun, Odd Jobs
Business Feature: How to Negotiate like a Pro
Business Feature: Going Back to School
Business Feature: Virtual Vocations

Politics: Profile of Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter
Business: Profile of Real Estate Magnate R. Donahue Peebles 
Business: Profile of Hair Care Mavens Mixed Chicks

Art: George Nock
Art: Jonathan Romain
Art: Amanda Williams
Art: Chaz Guest
Art: Alison Saar
Art: Cheryl Rock

Relationship Feature: Women Who Make More Than Their Husbands
Relationship Feature: Older Women Who Date Younger Men
Relationship Feature: Couples Who've Rekindled After a Breakup

Health: Obesity
Health: The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep
Health: Common Embarrassing Health Problems
Health: Kidney Disease
Health: Summertime Sport Dangers
Health: Taking Care of Elderly Parents
Health: Medical Tourism 
Health: The Pros and Cons of Fasting
Health: Fibromyalgia Awareness

Vibe Magazine

Celebrity Feature: The Diary of Lil' Kim
Feature: Gender-Bending Students of Morehouse College